Shaktimaan, Shriman Shrimati and other Doordarshan shows return, actors call it ‘blessing in disguise’

I could haven’t imagined that two of my shows would together play on TV at some point ,” says veteran actor Mukesh Khanna as he shares his feelings about the return of old Doordarshan shows, a choice taken by the govt to stay people engaged reception during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was earlier announced that popular shows like BR Chopra’s Mahabharat, Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana, among others, will return on Doordarshan amid the 21-day nationwide lockdown. Now, more serials, including Shaktimaan, Chanakya and Shrimaan Shrimati, are scheduled for re-runs. reached bent a number of the actors, who headlined these popular shows, to understand how they feel about entertaining both new and old audience and what’s it about the ’90s Indian television, which makes it evergreen.

Mukesh Khanna, who played the titular role in Shaktimaan and also played the role of Bhishma in Mahabharat, called it a blessing in disguise. “It’s something, which could haven’t happened. the entire India has been brought back to homes and other people are watching these old classics. within the 90’s when Mahabharat and Ramayan wont to play on TV, there would be a curfew outside because everyone was glued to their TV sets. But today, first there was a curfew and now people are watching these shows! on behalf of me , it’s a double pleasure because both of my shows are going to be played, something that would haven’t happened.”

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