Seeing every moment of death in our country, the heart of the world champion player is broken, sent emotional letter

new Delhi. 2006 World Cup winning captain Fabio Cannavaro of Italy has written a very emotional letter to his country saying that he is very worried and in pain after seeing the country devastated by Coronavirus.

Players Tribune website, he wrote, ‘I cannot tell how bad it looks. I am very sad to see so many lives being lost in Italy everyday. He said, ‘My heart is sitting thinking about the people suffering from it. Especially about those who have lost someone.

Sentimental letter written in the name of the country

So far 11591 people have died in Italy due to Corona virus. Italy won the 2006 World Cup under the captaincy of Cannavaro. Kanavaro, who played for Real Madrid, Inter Milan and Juventus, is now the coach of the Guangzhou Evergrande team in China.

He asked his countrymen to demonstrate the same solidarity that was seen after winning the World Cup. He said, ‘People ask me why Italy won the World Cup. We did not win because we were rich in luck but we won because we were the best team and we were sure that we would win. Kanawar, who has been FIFA’s best footballer, has kept himself aloof in China at this time.

Lockdown increased due to security in Italy
CoronaVIRUS has caught more than one lakh people across the country. Italy has extended the lockdown period to the middle of April to eliminate the corona virus infection. Here most people in the world have died due to this infection. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said on Monday that any relaxation in the bandh will be done gradually so that whatever successes Italy has achieved against this infection so far, it should not be watered down.

Conte told Spain’s Al Pais newspaper that the nearly three-week shutdown has worsened economic conditions. It cannot be continued for a long time, we can see ways to end the bandh but it will have to be done slowly. In Italy, 812 people died on Monday. On Friday, 969 people died due to this disease, which is the highest death due to corona virus infection worldwide in a day. Wimbledon will be canceled due to French Open, a big decision in the meeting

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