How Coronavirus Turned Competitive Meditation Into A Global Sport

With every major event from the Olympics in Tokyo to March Madness within the U.S. canceled, it’s fair to mention that the coronavirus pandemic has not been great for sports. But there’s a minimum of one whimsical new sport that has received an attempt within the arm in our new Zoom-filled world: competitive meditation.

I invented the meditation tournament referred to as March Mindfulness in 2018, employing a meditation wearable called the Muse. Via its app, the Muse produces the sound of birds when your mind gets calm. It appeared to me that some fan of both meditation and mischief should use the Muse to form a bracket contest of one-on-one meditation games decided by bird score; the calmest meditator goes through to subsequent round. So I became the deeply ironic contest creator I wanted to ascertain within the world.

After several experimental versions, I honed March Mindfulness into a workable format with the assistance of our sister games site, IGN. Players at IGN HQ tried to remain calm for five minutes within the same room, eyes closed, literally ready to hear what’s happening in each others’ heads. It clothed to be a surprising amount of fun, and an excellent thanks to advertise meditation to the type of individuals who desperately need it: Game players, sports fans, and other Type-A competitive personalities.

In 2019, March Mindfulness expanded to become an entire month of meditation stories. the sport itself expanded, too. sort of a burgeoning reality show, March Mindfulness 2.0 gained its first theme: Meditators vs. Gamers. Participants at a San Francisco meditation temple and at the headquarters of Calm, the foremost successful meditation app, went up against players from the Games Developers’ Conference (GDC) and IGN. during a thrilling final face-off at Calm, the gamers won, and were presented with the thought of a trophy.

The next contest came in January 2020. To mark the launch of the Muse S headband, we tested the minds of Mashable’s tech reporters within the midst of the foremost chaotic conference of the year, CES in Las Vegas . the foremost improved meditator walked away with a $5,000 check for her preferred charity. At the top of my account, lamenting the necessity to herd cats and therefore the likelihood of sickness to spread at a huge winter conference like CES

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